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Added: 04.09.2004
Owner: weskeuhhh
Country: Belgium

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dit is mijn toetsenbord met een neon licht erboven

Admin's comments/notes:
Keyboard with light above it. Perhaps a desk shot but ... :)

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Rating: 3.06 - Votes: 35

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Itsame29.01.2005 17:41
Hey, I have a desklight next to my screen should I take a picture of that and call it a mod too?

Not trying to be an ass here (ok, maybe a little bit) but putting a CCFL under your desk cannot be classified as a mod IMHO. Had you put it inside the keyboard making the light shine through the keys or something like that, than I could call it a mod.

*anonymous*20.11.2004 18:46
LoL, modding a table *cough* i mean ur keyboard...

Jonny@www.skyplanet.25.10.2004 23:31
Yow man , he is my friend , just stfu hollow head , he has a nice begin i think....
Bye all , Wessley nice work ....

Bugi06.09.2004 21:47
Hey that's not bad, expecualy for night working

hollow head06.09.2004 18:16
das toch geen mod.
Gewoon ne ccfl onder uwe desk geplakt. Niets speciaal aan.
Sorry it's in dutch but I'll translate:
That's no mod.
you just put a ccfl under your desk.
1/5 cause you can't go lower

Neathol7706.09.2004 10:38
i cant really see how you modded the keyboard its more the desk......1/5 cause i like the blue.