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Added: 08.09.2004
Owner: Nik
Country: Canada

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This is my Ultra-Flat keyboard, I stripped an old board right down to its 3piece tougch sensor and secured it to my desk. It has a Star Trek feel to it because theres no feed back when yuo type but its fun to use none the less.

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Rating: 3.06 - Votes: 77

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Grand Idea16.04.2007 02:40
That is an excellent idea i think i'll do that to an old Board i've got laying around reminds me of star trek your right
thanks for the idea

Lol13.05.2006 23:16
Was that a Compaqs or HP's standard multimedia keyboard? =)

BoogeyMan11.03.2005 05:45
Wow, that thing looks awesome! i just might do that with my dirty old keyboard! 5/5!

Benster23.01.2005 16:17
I saw it and tried it immediately, cool idea! I tink I'll stick mine on some plexi with a few LEDs though... But still, pretty neat! 5/5

Mystic827721.12.2004 01:09
lmao!! NICE! 5/5 Pure genius

Tha_Messiah19.12.2004 19:35
I got an idea a little like that.. but more ehm.. cool.. =)

you cant transport that around very good, but i got an idea to fix that =P

Benster19.12.2004 17:24
Hmmmm that gives me an idea of what to do with my old keyboard.... startrek mod here we come :D

blejz21.11.2004 01:34
if you can actually use it, you are great. i got mad after 2 days and dropped the idea.

{o.M.k}_AssAssin_Gm17.11.2004 14:55
(lol) It's nice looking but I think i would get to mad at it :)

knoppix killer26.10.2004 05:16
i did the same thing came out like $hit did not work to save my life it look like $hit to but i hope it work's for you

2bitwhore14.10.2004 20:25
ooooor....... he could simply strip the kb down to its matrix and secure it to his desk that would be really neat

;) good job if it works for you not a chance in hell i could type on that but hey your kb not mine

on a scale of 1-7, 10 being the highest i give it a 12

boby_dg16.09.2004 11:32
But let's not forget that this place is not to criticize what other people had done ,so I'll say that what he did is also really cool.

boby_dg16.09.2004 11:30
Or maybe he could be two frames of really thin wood and varnish them so they would look really deluxe.He'll put on of them under the flexy thing and put in the empty space glass or something plastic and transperant ,and put leds arround it so it will glow.Then under the frame that will be on the upper part of flexy thing he'll put transperant printer plaque with the keys and some funky tribal signs printet on it.He'll fasten the two frames with screws.The frame will be cut where the PCB is.The PCB will be in small box plastered with wood colored foil.When you use the KBD the blue leds will glow and the tracks on the flexy board will be seen as shadows between the tribal signs.Well I think this would be cool.

Sciatic11.09.2004 21:20
You could build a very thin plexithingy around it, so it would still be slim, but also transparent... or something like that :D

boby_dg11.09.2004 16:06
I also did this before.But drawed the keyes on paper a put it on top of the flexible part of the kbd.However some keys were not working.I had to puch them hard.I sujest you better put the electronics in a small plastic box (they sell them in the electronics shops) and make holes for the LEDs.
Well I'll give you 5/5 for actually using this thing!

Scott1427708.09.2004 14:16
I did something like that a while ago. It's too sensitive for my taste (you have to hit the buttons spot on, and there is only 1 spot for the space bar). I also can't touch-type due to the lack of texture.

Nado08.09.2004 13:37
nice idea, but i couldn't work with that. 2/5

B@rf08.09.2004 08:31
lol nice job 4/5