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Added: 11.09.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Acd
Country: Finland

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These small modding are made to the Antec 1000 FileServer-case.

The gauges are the temperatures of intake/outgoing air. The original cauges are from Biltema, with some modifications. I got some temperature-resistors which suited nicely. The normal area of temperature in the gauges are 40-120C, with the ~400ohm resistor the first line is ~18C, the second ~30C and the third ~50C and so on.
I had to cannibalize the gauges completely to modify the backgrounds so that there are no stupid logos and such. The black "flame" is carved from a piece of plastic board.

The skull is a harddrive-led. It glows when the HD is accessed, but with a twist:
The skull is made from a tire-cap sold in Hong Kong (a convenience store in Finland). I made a few modifications with a Dremel to puncture the eyes. The idea is that there's a small circuit with a diode and a capacitor which create an effect that when the HD is accessed, the eyes start to glow slowly, and when HD is at rest, the eyes fade away slowly (in approximately 3 seconds).

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 88

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Jeba01.09.2006 15:09
Noi liekit ja mittarit kyll kruunaa ton kotelon

Razze26.01.2005 18:23
Tosi siisti! paitsi ehkä noi liekit ;) mutta muuten aivan ihana!

Acd25.09.2004 22:06
Here's a video how the skull works. The video is big (~1.5mb) and the quality is lousy, so be prepared. Link:
Format is DiVX


Aromus24.09.2004 23:41
Love it, i live the combination of blue/black and silver

ShutDown16.09.2004 22:16
so cool and biltema rox

Bataria16.09.2004 18:10
Mistäs tommosia pääkalloja saa? ;)

Acd12.09.2004 22:01
Njoo, noi "liekit" on vähän avuttomia, pitänee korjata ne. Tuota muovia on vaan hieman hankala leikata, siihen tulee helposti ylimääräisiä jälkiä.
No, korjataan ja laitetaan uudet kuvat sitten kun saa valmiiksi :).

drinn12.09.2004 15:18
Liekkeihin oisit voinu panostaa vähän enemmän.

Hieno pääkallo muuten :D

MaxaMaccara12.09.2004 12:20
muuten hieno mut noi liekit on vähän orvelon näköset...
mun omaan projektiin on kans tulos tollanen pääkallo:D

dago blue11.09.2004 16:18

RadeX11.09.2004 14:19
very nice, excellent job and taste I must say
only the flames could be better, but overall it is very good job

Tumpio11.09.2004 13:44
perkules! Tuo on siisti!