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Added: 11.09.2004
Single case mods
Owner: RaZoR
Country: Brazil

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Window with UV Plexi
PSU with UV Plexi
Exhaustor on top modded
4 Chains fot the theme
UV Rounded Cables
and, I think thats it...

Admin's comments/notes:
I think that you will get a lot of "premod" comments on this one. Chains added a good bonus though.

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Rating: 3.07 - Votes: 45

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*anonymous*16.12.2004 15:01
Very nice=D

Mijorri25.11.2004 15:19
Cool :o

Unliving01.10.2004 19:34
Whatt you think in my Country there are premoded cases??? Buah , Theyre fu**ing expensive! No I used ma driller (dont got dremel) and lots of glasspaper and made ma ghetto window . Looks very nice (its in X-shaped) .

RaZoR26.09.2004 15:20
Well thank you for the sarcasm.... In your country this case might be very commmon... but not here... I think you could first know the situation, before making a useless comment.... but thanks anyway, that shows how impolite people are here....
And if you want to see the real case:
Name: Noblesse

Unliving21.09.2004 22:15
Wow that case looks exactly like the one I want to buy on a store in my city! What an "original" project! 0/5 for the "originality" but i will give you 1/5 because i love the case!

RaZoR16.09.2004 20:26
WEll.... the window thing was because I don't have a dremel, or something to cut it, so I borroew from my friend. And the exhaust, First, it was a peace of plastic tha I found in my old stuff, then I got some plexi parts and made a place to the fan, the up and down motion was made by two screws inside....and that rubber thing I don't know how you call it there, but its a rubber with a "U" shape...

AnimaMvndi15.09.2004 03:41
It's a shame you didn't accent the shapes of the window more. It almost looks square at first glance. Could you please tell us more about the exhaust? :-) I think a lot of people are interested. How did you get the up and down motion, and what is the rubber thing at it's base?

NoxoN13.09.2004 22:56
Nice work. I like the chains, but there's a little mess inside the case. 4/5

Ratman13.09.2004 13:42
The window looks quite simular to mine premodded case, but if u did it ... not bad 3/5 because of the rest.

*anonymous*12.09.2004 16:54
Thanks, I wanted a diferent mod without spending lot of money, here in Brazil is very hard to find things...I don't tihnk this is a premod, I cut the window, I modded the exhaust, I molded the PSU cover with UV plexi, I Painted Some fans (they're not on the picture), and ahm... I think that about it...
If I had the material you guys have, I would do something better of course....=D

drinn12.09.2004 15:14
Nice lights, but it's a premod so I give 2/5

Neathol7712.09.2004 10:40
Im liking this a lot. its has some things that seperate it from the crowd and thats what counts......4/5

Aromus12.09.2004 03:13
keep up to the hard work, but i was a lil curious like AnimaMvndi: does the top fan insert inside the pc and stuff...everything else pretty ok..wasnt really impressed but the combination..but good job.

RaZoR12.09.2004 00:59
The exhaust can move up and down, it was all black and ugly, I modded it putting a cd cover as plexi =p...
And I've forgot to say the theme.. spawn.. of course...
And this is a very old computer.... i've just changed the it was hard to put a new cooler and paint the motherboard with those UV pens...

Nado12.09.2004 00:06
the chains look cool, but that thing on top seems strange to me...

AnimaMvndi11.09.2004 23:57
I like the exhaust... never seen that before. Can you move it up and down?