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Added: 18.09.2004
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Towar
Country: Croatia

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This is a Vu-meter or Volume meter.I used 8 regular LEDs.Itīs very simple to make it but final product is great.You can find more details and movie showing how it works on my website.

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Rating: 3.28 - Votes: 120

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Silverspeed11.08.2005 12:39
A good idea would be to mount a small push button next to each LED. SO if you quickly need to change vilumes press the desired button and the volume jumps to the desired volume.

CardentheCorrupt26.05.2005 22:13
Eek, don't paint it. It looks so clean and well done how it is. Probably one of the better VU meters I've seen. 5/5 for function and neatness.

BoogeyMan22.05.2005 22:05
i had the same problem as xjanal. whatever host you're using sucks. also a smaller enclosure would look a lot better for that. i built mine inside a CD case. 4/5

xjanal28.04.2005 06:53
arrgh, when I try to go to the section on your website that as the tutorial, it won't brinng me there, it asks for a username and password! use man, all you have to do is make multiple accounts and stretch ur domain over them, the only advertising you need it a tiny banner you put at the bottom of each page that says "freewebs"

xjanal28.04.2005 06:41
alzome!(no other way to describe it)

Ladikusz30.01.2005 20:25
Cool, but this works on Parallel port. I maded A 12 led VU meter, with UAA180 IC.

dr-forsh06.01.2005 19:37
can you make one with more leds?? like 16 leds???

Shockwave04.10.2004 04:18
nice! I like it very much.. the soldering could use a little work by otherwise it looks very clean!

Unliving01.10.2004 19:24
To use with serial port you will need a DAC (digital - analog convertor) I builded one but for the parralel port and I can listen to music through it!

Unliving01.10.2004 19:21
Red with black mixed in texture Looks like blood!

Jezzer29.09.2004 13:04
first off nice, sleek, good idea 5/5

but just a thought if you wanted more accurate diplay could you use shift registers to give you more out puts?.....this is only realy for electronics geeks (so i guess that counts me out)

Towar22.09.2004 00:30
Blood texture,I donÂīt understand...

unliving21.09.2004 22:06
Not quite unique(i builded myself one 1 year ago for the porpuse of experimenting) Try to paint the box with reflective paint and try to add some blood texture!
It will look awsome

Towar20.09.2004 10:54
Box is actually made for floppys storage :-)

Neathol7720.09.2004 10:46
This is more like ita quality piece of kit well made and nice finish...4/5

brandonamp20.09.2004 04:05
WOww, thats pretty nice 5/5

Towar19.09.2004 12:39
Mod cannot be done with serial port,it can be done ONLY with paralel port.I am sorry,but program I have is written only for Winamp,but who uses Media player :-)

Bugi19.09.2004 12:16
How can I do it with serial port?

Nado19.09.2004 10:55
that box is pretty big for 8 leds... nice job

Mike19.09.2004 10:42
Elegant, unique, professional. 5/5