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Added: 18.09.2004
Owner: ludanisse
Country: Norway

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jeg hadde hele tiden tenkt p det der med
"modde" tastaturet... her om dagen var jeg p biltema.. da tok jeg med meg en bl lakk som kanskje skulle passe til tastaturet... dt gjore dg.! jeg begynte med skru av toppen...s lakkerte jeg det... resultatet ble ganske kult..syns hvertfall jeg...

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Rating: 2.69 - Votes: 35

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Ryansc06.12.2004 08:44
Um.. i think its supposed to be a blue sparkle.. since you can see the shine from the flash it appers to be sanded.. I wouldnt know for sure since its not in english. and
that color of blue doesnt tickle my fancy... Any way I need some electical mods now..

pach25.09.2004 09:10
come on... work harder friend

Darth_Barf20.09.2004 17:07
Cant u read?!?!? it says Comments in ENGLISH and FINNISH ONLY! not in norwegian. and btw its ugly as hell 2/5

Pythian20.09.2004 08:15
rofl, that is alot of words to just mean 'painted'.. love your work admin :) straight to the point and cut out the crap :D

more to the point, looks like it was painted by a blind leper, sorry buddy, heard of sandpaper? rub it back and start again, apply a few even coats sanding in between with some really light sand paper, and then clear coat

Bugi19.09.2004 11:52