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Added: 21.09.2004
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: Bugi
Country: Yugoslavia

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Well I already sent 1 mod with this mouse with plexi under it but led for laser was red. Now I just put blue led for laser unstead red one. Full blue mouse - great looking at night!

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Rating: 3.3 - Votes: 57

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PhoenixBoy05.07.2005 00:55
I did this too but now my mouse always got stuck because the light is not high enough. blue-5900mcs red-7000mcd

jason_d09.11.2004 08:55
have tried a superred one?

Turisten26.10.2004 23:22
there is a difference from optical and laser you know?

the only laser mouse is out now from logitech.. mx1000 ;)
dont use the word laser if your dont have the mouse with laser.

Raf G17.10.2004 13:17
How did you put the other two LED's in the mouse and link them up to light up?

Bugi30.09.2004 21:21
I bought mouse with transparent parts on it (a4tech swop-3) for 10 eur :)
I just changed laser led, put plexi under it and added 2 more blue leds for transparent parts.

fearless30.09.2004 19:11
how do you make that parts transparent?

seanO24.09.2004 17:30
great job,...looks awesome

Mike23.09.2004 23:05
Wow, I didn't know that it was possible to do that and still have it work.

dcmodder22.09.2004 16:05
great job i like the blue 4/5

Bugi22.09.2004 15:40
It's working even better than with red one!

unliving22.09.2004 14:52
Does it still work?? from what i see the blue led isnt too bright!

Towar22.09.2004 11:57
Very nice 4/5