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Added: 27.09.2004
Owner: aBnorma
Country: Hungary

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Fig. 1. : The USB port isn't accesible with my Pen-drive. The single USB A-A cable isn't the best choice...

Fig. 2-3. : My rotary tool & glue gun @ work :)

Fig. 4. : Yes! It's a handy USB [Universal Serial keyBoard] for me :)))

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 128

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Wojtek05.11.2008 15:20
nice work

j18714.03.2006 01:47
good idea

dr X i think you need to use a seperate usb port, but you can just run the two wires together and label the usb male plugs at the end, then use some heatshrink sheathing (or just tape) to make it more like one wire.

*anonymous*23.06.2005 03:25
Neat tidy, simplistic, and very functionnal. I wonder what you did with the USB cable though (when it comes out the keyboard). 4/5

Dr_x27.12.2004 03:59
nice;) 5 of 5

if its a usb keyboard, then can you just add a port on the side then solder to the contacts on the usb keyboard circuit board?

or do u have to have a seprate cord for the usb port and another for the keyboard.

kuz if you dont then i want to put a thumb drive in my usb mouse and a lego dude and some leds.

it is likely that il forget to check back here for an answer
please email me


Mike20.12.2004 07:29
Heh, my Dell USB keyboard came with two built-in USB ports. I'm assuming one for your USB mouse and the other for something else. I labeled white arrows in case if you didn't see it the first time around.

Overall, a good idea for someone who doesn't have USB's built in their keyboard, but, mine came with them already.

- Mike.

*anonymous*07.12.2004 23:30
nice one! very cool. macs suck. can you play hl2 on them? what was that? no? nuff said

Pale29.11.2004 22:25
Macs are for that. Besides, there are _two_ usb-ports in Apple Keyboard (I do have "few" Macs).

{o.M.k}_AssAssin_Gm17.11.2004 14:52
Nice i will have to try that

Gilliam15.11.2004 18:01
PC usb keyboards already have an extra port on the side, and should be backwards compatible w/ macs.

JMPK23.10.2004 19:10
very usefull!

Mike21.10.2004 20:06
In my experience, Macs are really not that much more stable (though they are somewhat more stable). Really, that is somewhat shameful since tehy control all the hardware that goes into their machines.

Smooth mod, professional. 5/5

Jeff20.10.2004 05:22
Absolutly nothing wrong with macs (I love them because they don't crash and they can do anything pc's can do, but better. Typical of the pc to take on mac attrabutes about 5 years down the road from when apple came up with it. Thats why I like it. Pc's need to impliment useful features like this- 5 out of 5

w00x19.10.2004 15:01
Thats tops mate. 5 of 5

abnorma18.10.2004 02:12
DPR: Because my PC Case is on the wall(I screwed on it,& now i have lot of free space on my desk) . The case's front & back is too far, i needed the USB port @ my hand...

DPR11.10.2004 20:42
Why didnt u just put a USB port on front of pc case?

mpb09.10.2004 12:39
good idea :D

jussi288806.10.2004 08:50
hehe.. kinda cool :P

submission29.09.2004 04:27
makes you think why manufactures don't add this feature.

But now its like a MAC!!! ACK!

but gj for the idea =)

00110101029.09.2004 02:05
Nice.. Good for bluetooth usb. Keep it Up

Aromus28.09.2004 23:48
pretty neat

aBnorma28.09.2004 22:29
I know, that this not a new idea, but it's usefull 4 me. Why must buy, when can make?

Neathol7728.09.2004 18:25
It aint new but it is quality.

Bugi28.09.2004 17:54
You are genius!

Copra28.09.2004 17:13
That usefull, but nothing new. 3/5

dcmodder28.09.2004 16:08
8-) wow that's awsome keep up the good work 55

moe28.09.2004 15:27
This is something that you can actually use.
I might do that too. :D

Barf28.09.2004 15:27
Thats quite handy ;)

Torax28.09.2004 15:08
Usefull :)