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Added: 11.10.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Thanh
Country: USA

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Silver Chieftec Dragon DX-01SLD (Silver Dragon)
Light: One Blue Cold Cathode Light inside(bottom) and one with sound activate (top) and one Red Cold Cathode Light at the bottom of the case w/ Sound sensitive feature, also have a Noritake GU126x32F-K612A4 graphic VFD, The Dragon design in CAD cut out with water jet, custom eyes and flexi glass on back(side case) to supply the case cover. Custom make front panel 64 LED control by software can run any pattern I like :)"

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Rating: 3.31 - Votes: 35

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Wolf_modius04.06.2006 20:45
that must be machine cut, noone can cut patterns that neatly surely? just look at the left fan cover, it's so perfect lol, looks wicked tho 5/5

SmuTTeN16.12.2004 15:00
Very nice indeed=)...
this site realy learns me alot=D
right now,im "playing" with my old comp...!

??05.11.2004 02:51
I swear this has been submitted before...

drinn19.10.2004 16:31
Very nice dragon, I like it :o

NoxoN12.10.2004 22:13
The has been posted before...

Have you changed your nick since last time?

Nado11.10.2004 21:35
those holes are absolutely missplaced, they ruin the overall of the sidepanel. who needs fans in his sidepanel anyways? nice dragon, but i saw that case a long time ago, is it really yours? =/

PC-n00b11.10.2004 19:57
OMFG Dragon is soooo000oo O L D ! ur work is just stupid copy, even those led-eyes u av copied. PC-n00b H8S! 0/5

Buzku11.10.2004 18:21
Very nice. I don't like the fan in the side panel, that is why 4/5

climber0711.10.2004 15:16
Very nice. What kind of program do you have to run your LEDs?

Neathol7711.10.2004 10:40
Theres only really one word for this.......QUALITY 5/5