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Added: 18.10.2004
Single case mods
Owner: unholy_69
Country: Finland

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I think i should make somekind of blow hole so I do it on the side of the computer...I think it's pretty good.

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Rating: 1.82 - Votes: 17

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tauno04.12.2004 11:23
toi on niin vitun helppo et kehtaa ees tehä :D
torvarihan on kartsin koulussa

Quentis19.10.2004 01:09
Where he has it seems like northbridge territory. Im sure it does help if you manage to merge the airflow together. Just remember...equal air coming in and out.

Darth Bender19.10.2004 00:03
Nado: that depends on how they're placed... in my case the 2 fans in the sidepanel greatly improve my temperatures (including GFX clockability ;))

Nado18.10.2004 12:19
another example for not needed fans. as i can barely see in the pic, it seems to look good. but anyways, fans on the sidepanel are always bad, because they just disturb the air flow inside the case.

TOMTOM18.10.2004 10:25
Propably cooler works ok, but nothing special. So 2/5.