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Added: 20.10.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: xmetrix
Country: USA

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I had a problem with my ram overheating and causing lockups on my laptop. I purchased another case containing the laptop memory case cover and began my mod. I first traced the exact location using a clear celophane cd sleeve and then transfered this to my cover. After 20 minutes of getting nowhere i decided to just use a soldering iron to cut the rough shape out then trim it as needed. Eventually i made a perfect hole and attached the ramsinks from a video cooler kit to the ram chips using thermal epoxy. The ram stays relatively cool now, no more lockups. I have more pictures of the process if interested. And yes the ram clears the ground when the little feet are flipped up

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Rating: 3.36 - Votes: 36

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lazychris200006.02.2006 23:50
ill give it a 5/5 for simplicity, functionality and it looks very good!

Qballcious15.11.2004 02:19
3/5 from mee too. I really like the mod and it's a very good idea. Functional and good looking. I'd give you a higher score if not for the simplicity. keep it up guy.

dcmodder21.10.2004 11:39
wow those heatsinks are tiny. good idea 3/5 cuz it's cutting a hole and glueing somthing to somthing else.

N521.10.2004 08:52
functional, unique, and just plain cool.