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Added: 21.10.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Ingmar
Country: Estonia

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I got tired from my old plain white case and decided do something whit it ,
in the beginning i painted it black ... but soon i got tired of it and added some white flames to it

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 149

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Ingmar10.10.2006 14:16
the flames where done by using ordinaty tape just painted it black .. then masked all the case whit tape ... draw flames on that .. and then jut the lines .. removed the area what was going to be white ... little bit spray paint and removed the tape what covered the black side add closs... and its done
i had the front in mind but i coulnt find the time

Ingmar14.01.2005 22:22
its my firs try do mod a pc

theone25.11.2004 12:59
Flaming Inx

ingmar09.11.2004 20:40
the lights are in plan whit the makeover of the frontpanel

SadiaV23.10.2004 14:56
Wow, very nice...

Mystinen23.10.2004 14:53
White flames, but too many. The front panel looks really lame. Nice idea, but you could improve easily.

SeanO23.10.2004 08:14
i dont like the flames too much...there too buched up and theres too many of em, bit more spaced out and they would have looked better 3/5

zarbon78923.10.2004 04:05
you need to do something to the front, 4/5 and you need a better camera but otherwise the flames are great. excellent job

Kaser23.10.2004 01:50
I am a huge fan of flames. Those are some nicely drawn flames too. so that makes it even better.

Maybe add a paint gradient to colorize the flames? I don't know just a suggestion. Good job though. Keep up the good work.

able22.10.2004 21:25
thats wery good mod its like fire"aaaaaaa it's burning"

g33k22.10.2004 12:26
nice!!! 5
Painters tape is really useful for spraying on images.

ingmar22.10.2004 08:51
the front is up next .. i havent decided what ill do whit it ...
the flames i made using orinary paiters tape

N522.10.2004 08:28
all black cases are boring, so it's nice to see a contrast. flames are good. 4

boh21.10.2004 20:04
Really nice. 5/5.
Tell me, how did you do the flames???

Goofy21.10.2004 20:04
agree, the flames are nice but dont you get tired of the front to?

Whitewolf21.10.2004 19:47
Nice, but you should do something about the front...