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Added: 26.10.2004
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: Fullmoon
Country: Finland

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This is a mouse which i made for my grandmothers birthday present. I did the coating with a coating style called Decoupage. The style also made the surface bit rough so the hand doesn't slip away when used.

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Rating: 2.66 - Votes: 80

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dude04.07.2006 07:28
like the marimekko pattern decoupage should be used more often.

hah22.02.2006 18:42
noi ulkomaalaiset ei oikee tajuu :D

Lerssilepakko08.01.2005 20:36
Marimekko kunniaan ;D

anden30.12.2004 02:22
WTF is that ;) but does ur grandmom have a computer and is it fabric?

Piikki30.10.2004 15:56
Hieno on mut on pahemmi ite tykkää tos kuviost.. mut hieno on! :D

GOD29.10.2004 20:05
Not my sort of thing but I'm sure your grandmother will appreciate it

I gave my grandmother a whole computer and she still told me what a bad person I was. Good luck. 5

Burrito28.10.2004 09:26
Niin, mutta en halua solvata tuota :) 4 pojoa..

Burrito28.10.2004 09:25
Voi jessus sentään. Tehtiin noita about 4 vuotta sitten yläasteella kuviksen tunnilla (ja paljon, iik!).

N528.10.2004 06:56
that is the first decoupaged mouse i've ever seen. she must be proud. 5

dcmodder28.10.2004 02:46
it's a bit gooey looking........but........ who doesn't like somthing gooey from time to time? 5/5

allu27.10.2004 20:41
Aika hyvä marimekko teema

2bitwhore27.10.2004 15:02
what a crappy looking mouse ........but........ my grandmother would love it so 5/5 for sacraficing what looks cool for what your grandma wanted