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Added: 30.10.2004
Owner: knoppix killer
Country: USA

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here's my xbox linux keyboard i paint'ed it black in the front cuz a ***hole got somthing on it but i think it look's good like this

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Rating: 2.17 - Votes: 23

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Atomicfathead15.11.2006 08:06
It is a mac professional keyboard the dead give-away is the apple button, the option button, and the control button. All next to each other.

crash06.01.2005 11:09

knoppix19.11.2004 01:44
sciatic ro:if you painted the whole thing, how did you get the white letters and other stuff on the keys? : i don't get it.

u can take the board apart and the bottom is clear to just the top half is painted

{o.M.k}_AssAssin_Gm17.11.2004 14:51
It's not bad

Sciatic13.11.2004 15:45
if you painted the whole thing, how did you get the white letters and other stuff on the keys? : i don't get it.

knoppix killer06.11.2004 04:01
marker????? no black saten paint

AgentDDR99906.11.2004 03:57
it kinda looked like you just wrote on it with permenant marker....after a closer look is saw it was painted.

knoppix killer03.11.2004 12:25

Neathol7702.11.2004 11:54
Linux on an x box is sweet. good job

knoppix killer01.11.2004 08:44
thank you japala

Japala .:admin01.11.2004 08:35
With the help of a modchip you can install linux to the hdd of xbox. I believe that Google will bring up a lot of links with words like: xbox linux

modder01.11.2004 07:45
howd u get that to work wit xbox??? please explain

_tv_31.10.2004 21:09
Good job :D. 4/5

knoppix killer31.10.2004 13:28
yes but you have to install linux on your xbox first

Goofy31.10.2004 13:15
it works with x-box?!?!?!?!