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Added: 05.11.2004
Full Case
Owner: BeWize
Country: Russian Federation

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This case was made for big resellers exibition in Moscow. Sapphire tech. presented new x800 series. The case was stylized for a rock with sapphire stone on the top, which is guarded by snake-dragons from the ALL IN WONDER BEAST sapphire tech. grafics. Nothing very special, but just nice case-modding. The PDA was painted in ALIEN-theme of Sapphire tech. videocards.

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 117

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HandsomeDan14.04.2006 22:31
Great looking, very complete case!

Barret Light21.11.2004 00:19
very nice case, passive cooling makes computer to quiet, case got style :D.5/5

ss09.11.2004 08:47
Kiva passiivi jäähy sul tos =)

Buzku05.11.2004 23:39
I must give 5/5 to this also. You really have some skills.

CNeo05.11.2004 21:20
Its Perfect Man The Best I Ever See !!!
Look Very Good Bro 5/5

SeanO05.11.2004 14:17
holy sheep!, i never new that zalman watercooler was so damn big?!

anyway, youve got a nice theme going with your cases, airbrushing looks brilliant


Takuya05.11.2004 13:42
Looks very good....
It sure is exelent work....really a peace of art.

Nikola %)05.11.2004 10:20
I like it. Its very sharp.

Loco Pup05.11.2004 08:15
Nice 4/5