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Added: 05.11.2004
Full Case
Owner: BeWize
Country: Russian Federation

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This case was made for modding-competition held by nVidia. Case was modded in two weeks. From the Antec PSU 380Wt was made a TrueControl and custov WaterCooling system was constructed. The main idea was water - case is a sunken armored cruiser. Mermaid from new demo-video of 6800 was to be painted on one side of the case and a porthole was made to make it real. But we didn't like mermaid from the video because it seemed to me that she don't know how to poot makeup :) That's why we changed it a "bit" :) PR of nVidia didn't liked it much either and that's why the case was put on the 4th place and didn't receive any prise except of "UT 2004".

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Rating: 3.37 - Votes: 89

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donjuan06.10.2006 21:12
a fancy paint job doesnt get first

xeba19.04.2006 22:03
that paintjob is great. i'm not sure if that nvidia logo fits there but....5/5

elmjiro05.09.2005 19:59
tosi hienoo työtä!

Axis14.01.2005 22:42
One of the best Mods what i ever seen

~AirCooled~13.12.2004 23:46
Excellent job. Beautiful detail work.

Barret Light21.11.2004 00:14
case looks good, paint job, and lights :). 5/5

Ratman11.11.2004 09:48
Excelente.... no comments :D

Buzku05.11.2004 23:38
Very, very nice!

Takuya05.11.2004 13:38
Wow....this is very good work.
The paint job is exelent!
I dont know what else i can say....

Loco Pup05.11.2004 08:18
Has a different look and has breasts.. Whats not to love? 5/5