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Added: 09.11.2004
Full Case
Owner: Deviant0ne
Country: Finland

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Mod Ver. 0.2 (New: Passive water cooling, Akasa unit & better pics ;)

Bluestar case with passive watercooling system & passive power supply. In front panel i removed the original DVD/CD rom faces and integrated the VU meters in place. The Coolermaster unit has been modded for the extra VU meters and i also made a "stealth" face for it so it wouldn't stick out from the front panel. CD drive also stealthed. On the top there's the latest addition: akasa 4 fan/4 thermal censor unit. The water reservoir has UV cathode inside. Dragon window custom made using dremel. Only 2 120mm Noiseblocker ultrasilent fans in this case (i learn't something after the last case which is on display in this gallery also) the 2 fans are connected to the Coolermaster unit and the voltage can be adjusted to anything between 5-12 and the rpm sensors are connected to the LCD panel in front. The 2 fans take care of the case air circulation and the water is cooled with the huge passive coolers on the case sidepanel.

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 185

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Všpš21.10.2005 00:06
Tosta voi olla jo ylpee :) 5

kAKSoNEn18.10.2005 12:56
V√ĄH√ĄN ON HIENO! Haluaisin kyll√§ itekkin tollasen.

Crazed_climber08.08.2005 03:03
Wow this is one of my fav mods. Its so well put together.

Owwi25.01.2005 19:24
kyllä on hieno!!! kateeksi käy, ku ittellä saman lainen koppa. mut ei läheskää yhtä hieno :)

StripleX31.12.2004 01:12
toi on varmaan V√ĄH√Ą maksanu?? mut siisti se on! 5

Deviant0ne03.12.2004 23:52
Kotelo, poweri ja vesijäähykamat on maksanu mulle reilu 1k€ + työt ;) eli ei se ihan halpa paketti ole mut ainahan voi esittää tarjouksia =)

Satelite03.12.2004 09:01
Millä hintaa toi lähtis postiin menee.

eao18.11.2004 21:23
beutifull case (H) fantastic

Riko18.11.2004 08:21
Looks great! 5/5

Deviant0ne17.11.2004 23:08
_kreme: En viittiny kato montaa koteloo tehdä =D käy kattoo ne muropaketin projektikuvat siel on vähän isompia ja ehkä selkeempiä kuvia.

jason_d16.11.2004 09:19
onhan siinä vissiin käytetty työ tunteja ja tuskaa:D

Caine16.11.2004 03:14
Nice c00ler!!!!

Great mod!!! 5/5

Japala .:admin16.11.2004 02:28
Pöhpöh, Metkun projektilogeihin juttua vain ;)

Lassi15.11.2004 22:11
Uskomattoman hieno tekele seurailin muropaketissa samaa projektia aiemmin. Onnittelut todella onnistuneesta projektista.

_kreme15.11.2004 12:29
On sitte pitänyt pistää kaikki mahdollinen modaus yhteen koteloon :| mutta ihan hieno tuokin.. ehkä enemmän selvempiä kuvia olisi saattanut auttaa

steve-o14.11.2004 00:42
Pimped Out :)

Deviant0ne13.11.2004 21:54
No chance fitting the radiator inside and besides it would only make the case temp higher. At the moment the radiator side is facing a wall when the case is on it's place on my desk so it really doesn't bother much even as it is.

SeanO13.11.2004 05:21
Aha much better, the revervior looks like a lava lamp ;)
unless its a Really tight fit inside, id have the radiater inside hte case
window has taken alot of effort n looks great, but im starting ta get tired of the dragon/tribal designs..well its just me...

Caine13.11.2004 03:56
NiCe CoOlInG!!!!
Love the front!!!



Batto12.11.2004 18:59
Tän hienommaks ei voi kotelo mennä :) 5/5 hienoa työtä

Deviant0ne12.11.2004 12:50
Yeah it has become quite a monster =) tho the temperatures are great now considering it barely makes a sound when running. CPU idle seems to be now 35, graphics card 27 and case temperature 32. Even the fanless PSU is @ 40 celsius (it can take up to 100 temp and not blow up :). Not bad imho.

dcmodder12.11.2004 10:21
woah that's got some mega cooling!

Deviant0ne10.11.2004 20:35
Myyn jos hinnasta sovitaan :) on tohon jo jokunen euro menny.

Bumper3D10.11.2004 19:04
Uskomatonta miten hienon tollasesta laatikosta saa.

Myytkö? ;)


PC-n00b10.11.2004 19:00

Deviant0ne10.11.2004 15:31
AEDwards: read the first line of the Story ;)

*anonymous*10.11.2004 07:27
aivan uskomaton 5/5

AEdwards10.11.2004 02:41
excellent mod, but out of curiosity, whats different from the last time you posted it?

*anonymous*10.11.2004 00:36
i see a duck in the window reflection

kzr09.11.2004 23:44
tää tais olla murossakin? kivan näkönen tuli :)

Nado09.11.2004 23:32
i see ugly wires inside >:->
absolutely neat job, i love it. finally a 5/5 again

Voetto09.11.2004 22:23
Nice to have some good Finnish modders too :D 5/5