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Added: 10.11.2004
Full Case
Owner: konfu-kai
Country: Denmark

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Now I am a step further in my 0db project, I have just mounted my new innovatek konvekt-o-magic ultra on the side of my case. Now I only have to watercool my psu and hd's.
The light in the case is four blue cathodes 30cm, which is connected to a cathode controller in the front, under the case is there two red cathodes 30cm, which is also connected to another cathode controller in the front.
The power cables is sleeved with a blue kit.

Admin's comments/notes:
hmmm... pretty much fully premodded case but perhaps some people would like to see the radiator...

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 403

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knoppixkiller05.12.2004 05:17
same/ but only one vote per IP so don't no how he did that

Nado25.11.2004 19:53
damn, who gave you so many votes? i bet it was you...

Huru22.11.2004 13:36
I also think that buying a passive psu is better option than trying to cool it down with water.

Huru22.11.2004 13:35
I recommend you cool the hard drives with passive non-watercooling coolers that also lowers the level of sound made by the drives

m11.11.2004 23:04
maybe 6 is too much but on the pictures i does not look bad. Nice radiator btw :D

modder11.11.2004 02:04
6 CATHODES? wtf, thats too many. maybe 2 at the most inside and u only need one on the bottom if u know how to position it.

altec11.11.2004 01:02
i have to say the same thing premod dulixe

Nado10.11.2004 14:36
wire management is not bad, but the reservoir looks horrible in there... red and blue don't go well together, especially not in that combination. 4 ccfl's are absolutely exaggerated, 1 or maybe even 2 would be more than enough. maybe it works how it's supposed to do, but this is a modding gallery and i already see the flames coming nearer to you... 1/5