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Added: 13.11.2004
Full Case
Owner: dj_billz
Country: United Kingdom

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This lego pc case was constructed by my friends Pete, Phil and I. This is actually the second case we had built as the previous one was pretty sketchy. This one is nice and solid now and has been used at many LAN events! The bricks are all secured with PVA glue just to make it that extra bit stronger.

You may be able to see some features such as the ventilation channel going straight from the outside of the case to the cpu fan. This keeps the CPU nice and cool. The power button is inside a small lego door.

AMD Athlon XP 2200+
512MB DDR2100 RAM
Jetway Motherboard
Radeon 9800SE
350 Watt PSU


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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 80

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Sing13.04.2006 18:26
Not so ... special.
but okay. better than normal unmodded cases.
someone should make a casing out of old logs.
you know, the ones they burn in fireplaces.

BoogeyMan13.07.2005 01:09
Actually you can order huge bags of one type of legos from the company but that wouldve ruined the theme. it does look more "lego-y" this way. 4/5.

MaXiM13.07.2005 00:37
niCE JOB 4.69/5 l@@K AT THE TOP < Tetris style ???

*anonymous*21.11.2004 23:55
right where do i start.
1.) the multicolour lego makes it look more legoey. Single colours would have runined the THEME that is LEGO.
2.)Do you think i had enough lego to make it out of 2 colours? Who goes into a toy shop and says: "I'd like 200 blue bricks please!" I think you'd get laughed at.
3.)AdamW is the man...

cubbox21.11.2004 22:30
wot is ur problem splinter cell, this looks sweet!! the different colors make it look even better. 5/5

AdamW21.11.2004 21:34
shut up splinter cell.

splinter_cell21.11.2004 17:00
im gonna have to agree with quentis, this thing needs a theme. its great that its made out of legoes, but that isnt a theme. there are too many colors, you should make them more uniform, choose only one or two colors.

on a lighter note i thnk the case looks like it was constructed well and i like the way the cd rom is "stealthed"

overall 2/5 cause its ugly, there are too many colors.

Mjolnir18.11.2004 21:13
That is just freakin weird! I LOVE it! LOL. Honestly, that's probably the most innovative and original thing I've seen in ages. Kudos!

cubbox17.11.2004 23:49
nice windows on the bak, very original love it!! 5/5

Penguin Boy17.11.2004 23:44
Well, I, for one, think this case rocks. I give it a 5/5 for pure imagination and thinking "out of the box" if you will. :)

*anonymous*16.11.2004 18:24
quentis dont be silly. the aim was to build a pc case. we was not slapping pieces together! this is not a boring box mate, ITS MADE OF LEGO FOR F**K SAKE! and about a theme..WHAT ABOUT A THEME?! THE THEME IS LEGO!

Quentis14.11.2004 23:59
An I/O plate is in order, drive stealth too...and so are some PCI covers. This is a decent second try, but IMO, you need to try again. It justs looks as if you were poorly slapping together Legos without a theme or goal and in the end, you just have a boring box. Get some more Legos and have a theme next time.

eeeeeeeeeeeee14.11.2004 23:40
you are the man! bring it to a 2 grade class at school.

Darth Bender14.11.2004 15:31
just a plain box...? impractical placement of the cd-rom as well... 2/5 is what you get from me

dj_billz13.11.2004 18:57
no its not hot at all. the cpu has enough air obviously and the psu provides enough airflow

Phil is fit13.11.2004 15:21
Almost as sexy as phil

PC-n00b13.11.2004 14:53
must be damn HOT, theres not much fans 2 move air

james13.11.2004 12:55
thats amazing, i wont one!!!

Gabe13.11.2004 12:53
Amazing - 5/5

Stebenwulf13.11.2004 10:47
Nice box u got there :lol: 4/5