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Added: 13.11.2004
Full Case
Owner: Pix
Country: United Kingdom

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This is my first mod. What I've done is :-

Paint the chassis, panel insides & radiator shroud metallic gold
Paint the case, psu, drives + my keyboard and mouse with metal flake car paint
Cut the windows with a dremel
Wired in about 50 UV LED's to the 12V line and spread them around the front of the case
Sanded down the CD drive chassis, PSU support and plate to a mirror finish.
Added watercooling for CPU,GPU and H/D
And all the usual (LED fans, cathodes, cable sleeving/tidying etc..)

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Rating: 3.38 - Votes: 52

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modder07.03.2005 10:03
very porn colour! nice. =)

SeanO14.11.2004 12:51
Nice, case colour goes well with the gold window trim overall good clean look


N514.11.2004 05:34
very pimp. like the top dark shot 5

modder13.11.2004 20:07
that looks really good. i can see you spent a lot of time on that and put a lot of pride in it, also a lot of money on it. 4/5

BaskoFF13.11.2004 17:00
Pretty nice =)