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Added: 17.11.2004
Full Case
Owner: jonttuu
Country: Finland

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my case. made from wood. it took some time to do this mod, so it wasn't only one day mod :D it's quite silent(some fan noise) and quite cool. still some small things to do, like get the HDD led to work (i don't know what is wrong whit it, maybe the cable isn't connected properly, or in wrong place :D) and something special... it's a mess inside, I've to do something for it :P ---...enjoy...--- :)

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 92

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Foxbat14.12.2006 13:44
Hiano! 5/5

*anonymous*14.12.2006 02:39
Put some yellow tube lights and led in it. That should make the wood coloring look better. If possible make wood fan grills and
try to cover or hide that power supple

jonttuu29.03.2006 22:01
en sentää

Ressu31.10.2005 21:02
Koulun puutyötunneillako tätä teit? ;-)
Yks tuttu teki joskus aivan samantapaisen jonkun mallin mukaan..

Carns29.03.2005 16:03
Toi tuuletin on aika hieno ;)

jonttuu23.01.2005 17:33
koitin pistää mut ei sit tullu sitä kuvaa :S

kilpikon301.01.2005 22:02
Olis ollu kiva joku kuva kopan sisältä.

petflunky29.11.2004 02:38
Very nice. I like the wood case. I would use a yellow or white light on the fan, though. The blue looks awful.

Olli25.11.2004 23:34
Näyttää ihan subwooferilta :)

jonttuu19.11.2004 20:51
fatsi kävi dallasis ja toi ton sielt

Territorial_pissing19.11.2004 20:39
Mistäs ton tuulettimen ostit pitikö pitkältäkii tilata?

Fak19.11.2004 19:00
J33 j33 c00l

*anonymous*18.11.2004 21:27
4/5 nice clean cuts on that wood, and the box looks nice and square. this can be dificult with long cuts. Improvements to be made? you could have made the box with miter or dovetail(i love those myself) joints instead of simple butt joints. DON"T PAINT IT!!! jou should change out those fans for something diferent, like maybe just plain old black ones. with no grills. And you really need to do something about those drives. make some veneer covers or something. Out of curioustity, do you have any noise problems, particularly with resonance? plywood tends to resonate badly when not noise insulated on the inside.

Nado18.11.2004 14:41
neat. but that blue doesn't go very well with that wooden look. maybe paint it? nice anyways

Sciatic18.11.2004 13:04
mitkä noi mitat on? :/ ja mikä toi tos edes toi sininen on :D just siisti.. joku tuuletin?

jonttuu18.11.2004 12:49
I'll probably someday...

PC-n00b18.11.2004 10:32
hmmm... boxy =P if u could make floppy and cd-player panels from wood 2.. it would make more nicer look. Now its just B0X with 2 hightec looking fans. = 3-