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Added: 17.11.2004
Full Case
Owner: H@raldi23
Country: Finland

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Alkoi tuo vanha ja tylsä koppa tympimään. Tuli sitte maalattua se uusiks ja tehtyä ikkuna kylkeen. Siihen sitte ledituuletin ja sisälle pari kirkasta lediä antamaan lisää valoa, johan tuli vanhaan koteloonkin eloa ja väriä.Helppoa ja halpaa!

Admin's comments/notes:
Painted the case, added a side window, a ledfan and few leds.

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Rating: 2.61 - Votes: 23

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zitex24.07.2005 12:27
BLUE NEON and white case. It is a pop! 2!

H@raldi2318.11.2004 20:55
okey =)

PC-n00b18.11.2004 20:37
sir yes sir! =)

Nado18.11.2004 19:58
'was better' is right. never use 'would' in if-constructions =)

PC-n00b18.11.2004 15:41
oh and BTW, its would be better, not "was better"

PC-n00b18.11.2004 15:39
buHUUhuuuuuu s000u $RY mA b@D englhsi!!!!11 But u like the case so u had 2 say something...

Sciatic18.11.2004 13:22
that comment would be very convincing if the english was better... maked? W-T-F? nice work n00b :D btw, i like the mod :) only the eyes haven't got much style but the window's nice :) 4/5, for being finnish ;D

PC-n00b18.11.2004 10:35
I beleave that it was old and ugly 4 sure, but u avnt maked any difference with ur mods im afraid... = 1