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Added: 03.12.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: drinn
Country: Finland

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I just modded today my room with 10m blue tube. Shortly: christmas lights ^^

And in the last picture is couple of games and posters :-)

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 1.61 - Votes: 28

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Unliving10.12.2004 23:57
And now the mod comment : Maybe you should pin the tube to the edges of the wall so it follows a sraight line
And you better hide all of youre toolboxes and computer leftovers, cuz it aint prett, and maybe you could chose a color theme for youre room like me : My room has a Aqua - black - silver colour theme All of my stuff that r on my desk match except the monitor wich is still white (Il buy a 17"TFT silver one soon). The general inpression is kinda weak but Il raze that with 2 point because of the gamez so my score is 4/5.

Unliving10.12.2004 23:52
I agree with Quentis... Maybe you anonymous r a moron
and you didnt even played GTA San Andreas: You fool, play it, its one of the best gamez I played (I finished Gta Vice city 3 times)

cubbox10.12.2004 20:38
that screen is white because of the flash on the camera obviously, look at the way it glows

Quentis05.12.2004 23:15
Hey anonymous, maybe youre a moron with a crappy camera. Why would anyone waste their time to make screens glow? And who would waste even more time, faking a whole room and have an end result like that? (No offense Drinn). And GTA SA is out already? Do you live in Mongolia, or some other country with seriously delayed release dates?

KLaZaA05.12.2004 21:19
Ai se on drinni :D oikeesti sun huone ei oo siisti... :(

*anonymous*05.12.2004 21:17
Your room is horrible but im giving you a 2 for the comfy looking sittingposition :)

Siak05.12.2004 21:11
What is the poin!?!?

Batto05.12.2004 17:00
Ruma.. :/

*anonymous*05.12.2004 16:18
How come you got GTA San Andreas??
Why are the screens so bright and white??
I took pictures of my laptop and it did not light up like that in the pic?

Neme^04.12.2004 15:36
Ruma ja likainen huone. Turhaa.

Gage04.12.2004 03:01
its ok

drinn04.12.2004 00:32
Edited? Yes, I took picture of the games which was on the table. So I edited those games to that 4. picture :P
Faked? No. The games are not faked ;P

*anonymous*03.12.2004 22:09
The last picture is edited and faked

killah03.12.2004 19:43
mä annnan sulle 4, koska huone on melko huonossa kunnossa, ja noi kajarit näyttää aika tippuvaisilta
plussaa jokeri flagista.:D