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Added: 08.12.2004
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: woynoff
Country: Bulgaria

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another mousepad by me, but this time with no holes- just engraved leds, and more curved shape :).......again it's USB powered, and i used 8x 500 mCd leds......that's it!!!

bad english, sorry ;)

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Rating: 3.28 - Votes: 74

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woynoff03.01.2005 08:28
JoKeR, good idea 10x ;) but what about a sheet of stainless steel 'bout .5mm thick and the same shape but slightly scaled down ;)

JoKeR02.01.2005 20:21
I have an idea. If you would take an picture and put i were the leds and the wireing is, so you dont see se actiuall leds and the ugly wires but the light would still LIGHT. I'm going too try that

Batto29.12.2004 23:00
Coolest Glowpad i have ever seen ;> but you will have to watch that those edges wont cut your hand open when you play =P

woynoff25.12.2004 23:12
10x to all :)

300 mm deep fret saw :D

somebody25.12.2004 12:30
Hi! Thats awesome mousepad! 5/5
What tool do you use to the cutting?

_65536_kb_sec_11.12.2004 01:36
brao voinov
dobur mod
good mod, voinov

Quentis11.12.2004 00:39
Almost ridiculously neat wiring...

-wave-09.12.2004 21:56
awesome, cant find anything wot should be done other way 4/5

Nado09.12.2004 11:17
you got skills, why don't you try to mod a case instead of a mousepad mass production? ;)