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Added: 11.12.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Nharu
Country: Finland

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Joo-o, ikkunan muovin tilalla vihreeksi maalattu grillin ritilä. Sisälle värkkäilty moniväriset jouluvalot (= Nyt ois suunnitelmissa et maalailis vähän ja muuttais tuota ikkunan muotoa ja tekis etupaneelille jottai.

Admin's comments/notes:
Replaced plastic window with grill mesh...

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 1.82 - Votes: 17

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*anonymous*02.01.2005 13:03
NO AIRFLOW!!!!! 1/5 i want to give a 0 butitcan't the 1 is putting you score lower

Darth Bender11.12.2004 21:07
doesn't an open design like that damage the airflow? at least for me it does... I would've skipped the removing of the plastic/acrylic/whatever

-=H4nNiB4L=-11.12.2004 20:23
cool mod. very cool mod, but you should paint the grill something other than green i think... maybe hazard stripes? The pics are bad, but you still deserve a 4/5. Btw, you should have used a grill with smaller holes, but the big one will do i guess.

Nado11.12.2004 12:55
those pics suck. 1/5 cuz i can't judge the mod itself