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Added: 16.12.2004
Owner: ii
Country: Finland

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Gaming in the dark room is fun but typing a message is sometimes hard (silly smiley characters mostly).

I made this Keyboard-light from 2mm monoplug, bright white LED, heatshrink, wire, resistor, trimmer and LAN-cable shield.

Brightness of the LED can be adjusted by using the trimmer i placed under the keyboard. Forgot to take picture of it but nothing much to see on it. Just a hole for trimmer-tool.

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 87

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Harrymatic06.07.2009 20:04
Looks great, very neat presentation - hey! I have the same keyboard!

crash210831.01.2005 06:13
kind of reminds me of the wormligh for gameboy

vilu04.01.2005 16:27
aika ketun siisti.. tommonen pitä kyl värkätä

StripleX27.12.2004 22:42
hei toi on aika näpsäkkä homma!

Jezzer [UK]25.12.2004 17:01
good work.....looks like it was meant to be that way!
i think some other little things for that would be cool like maybe a small fan....etc or maybe the headphones i dea but anyway 5/5

Tha_Messiah19.12.2004 19:28
And who really needs that ?

its a great job, but i cant see a need for it...


Dejan19.12.2004 17:42
Gave you 5
love it just what i need so ill make one for me too

Sciatic17.12.2004 20:05
Onko ees hel***in hyvä idea :D ei vitsi vähä hyvä :D huuh annan 5/5 :) sit tohon vois väsätä yhteensopivaks kaikkii muitaki pikkulaitteita :o

VERY nice :) Thats an amazingly good idea :D you could also make some other compatible little devices for that plug :) 5/5 :o

bilzo17.12.2004 15:40
nice one! very well made mod. another cool thing to do would be another hole using the same connecter that you can plug headphones into. COOL MOD MAN!

drinn17.12.2004 10:39
Nice idea & job.. but the real nerd can write right @ dark :D

Torax17.12.2004 00:14
Simple but very good idea 5/5

*anonymous*17.12.2004 00:03
very simple but neatly done! 5/5

ivor biggun16.12.2004 22:51
good idea, i like the way it can be unplugged aswell 4/5