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Added: 21.12.2004
Full Case
Owner: Yarik[Modlabs]
Country: Ukraine

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This case 3R Neon light Black.
2 blowhole
Cooler Master Musketer
Painter in black color
Round-cable Sweex
2 Neon light [blue & red]
Gofr-tube in the CPU
2 Cooler's AeroCool
Rounded cable PSU
HandMade rheobus..
right panel:
pleks 1 mm..blacked..
pics "Girl"

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Rating: 2.63 - Votes: 60

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Moddix17.05.2005 18:50
Very good case...i ilke it!

loggerx10.01.2005 21:16
Probably nice case on a very ugly photos :/ Get some camera..

Jee03.01.2005 20:28
That girl is very nice mod

Gear Face22.12.2004 23:21
Doesnt look premod to me. maybe window was.. maybe it wasnt.


Stebenwulf22.12.2004 10:12
Looks pretty cool, but that looks so original computer right now. Almost every 1 has blow hole/window/lots of light or leds in comp. I hit u with 4/5

no22.12.2004 00:57
looks like a premod.

Nado22.12.2004 00:18
i don't like the colors, but that girl looks nice. wires need management and lights should be dimmed. 3/5