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Added: 29.12.2004
Owner: ismantec
Country: Finland

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Projekti alkoi n. vuosi sitten kun avasin vanhan MikroMikko-näppiksen ja löysin sen sisältä hipaisunäppäimistönä toimivan kolmikerroksisen muovikalvo yhdistelmän. Hankin näppäimistön pohjaksi 5mm paksun pleksilevyn johon muotoilun jälkeen kiinnitin muovikalvot kirjan päällystämiseen tarkoitetulla liimakalvolla. Pleksilevyn valaisee kaksi 6000mcd 5mm kirkasta lediä, jotka saavat virran näppäimistön ps/2-johdosta. Vasemmassa ja oikeassa reunassa on alumiinisesta mailanvarresta katkaistut hopealla sprayllä maalatut pätkät pitämässä pleksilevyn ja piirilevyn irti pöydästä. Työ jäi keskeneräisenä lojumaan vuodeksi ennenkuin nyt taas innostuin sitä viimeistelemään.

Yhdessä kuvassa näkyy että piirilevystä on katkaistu palanen. Irrotin ylimääräisen ps/2-portin levystä sillä se oli vain tiellä. Vaikka katkaisu oli aika hutaistu (väänsin palan tongilla irti) ei se ole haitannut näppäimistön toimivuutta.

Admin's comments/notes:
Insides of an old keyboard installed to a piece of plexi. And yes, it works. :)

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 94

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j18714.03.2006 01:39
you could use high projected leds (fake lasers!) and cut a template of the keys in a peice of plastic or steel, then shine the 'light letters' onto the keyboard. it would be a big job but would look great if you could do it.

Ironsmiter21.02.2006 15:49
Love the look. Now, if only the rubber/plastic key combos came in clear..... anyone try superglueing lettered pieces of plexi onto the tops of the rubber "springs" and then glueing the rubber to the plexi? or directly to the circuit film(one shot only, but with enough practice pieces...)

Makes a great piece of art, for a Computerroom wall. and functional is even better! Love'n it!

Doc KillRoy30.09.2005 02:47
Inovativ... paint some letters on, maby in UV and it is perfect

*anonymous*05.06.2005 00:56
really nice idea!
i have an old modded keyboard that i did as a first mod, amd now i'm thinlking of transforming it into something like your peice there. nice job though. mabe etched letters would be a good idea...
anyways thumbs up!!

*anonymous*08.02.2005 21:54
abe you'd better visit

ismantec10.01.2005 17:46
Moved the project log to

ismantec08.01.2005 20:04
I made somekind of a project log :p
It's not ready yet but I'm working on it..

iamtrappedinabox04.01.2005 10:23
i was thinking of taking the guts from my keyboard " a paper thin circut board" and cutting the round black parts off each button. "the pieces that complete the circut" . Taking a very thin piece of plexi i could glue each button into place "using a marker or something to mark each place". i was also thinking that i could put a spacer between the board and the black dots like the metku coaster with led concept- leaving enough distance between the edge of the board and the keys of course. any thoughts

Japala .:admin04.01.2005 10:12
hmm... perhaps I should take a look at this too. I've "few" keyboards stored somewhere so perhaps you can see an article about this in Metku in future. Any tips and ideas are welcomed. :)

Boris04.01.2005 09:04
I was inspired so I took appart my old keyboard. Everything works except I have to put it on the plexi I bought. I was trying my best to find a material to keep the little rubber keys that exist under the plastic one. I would need to cut 100+ holes in the top plexi layer to make it work - plexi is not strong enough - probably. I thought of using wood - not strong enough. Want to use thin film - but cutting holes will be hard (drilling will rip it) ... I am puzzled for 2 days and 2 nights now - will try again in the morning :) POST A GUIDE PLEASE - or BETTER PHOTOS :)

ArskaMannen04.01.2005 00:05
et oo vielä saanu hajalle hieno modi

jerb03.01.2005 23:46
man id love a guide.. or at least a project log. very cool idea. i cant wait to try n make one

: )01.01.2005 23:41
Used Nik's idea but it looks better, 3.5/5
I don't think it is very comfortable typing on it because the plexi still bends a lil because of the space below, other wise smart job with rails ... just had to put plexi more down.

ismantec01.01.2005 16:32
Making the mod didn't actually take so much time.. I have propably worked just few days with it.
Planning took most time. Shaping the plexi and pieces of aluminic ice hockey stick to both sides took most of the working time.
If people are really that interested I could try and make some project log in a few days If I find some time between school and hobbies :)

jerb31.12.2004 19:09
id love to see a project log once you get some time. great work, very futuristic. i agree that engrabing the keys into the underside of the plexi would look cool, this way they would glow with the leds you have in there. i also think that the transparency idea mentioned by dcmodder is genius. keep up these awsome mods 5/5

m31.12.2004 14:03
i like that mod very much!! Really great stuff!! Right now i'm going to buy a4tech A-shape keybord and then gonna think about something like u did. Any chances that you gonna publish some guidlines somewhere??

CUBE31.12.2004 09:34
NICE! How long did it take you to make this, because i want to make one.

Nado31.12.2004 03:14
excellent. gives your comp some kinda sci-fi feeling 5/5

dcmodder30.12.2004 19:24
i'd get some transperency film and print the letters on it. then just use it as an overlay so your characters are over the places where you have to press them.

ismantec30.12.2004 13:06
okey, scarve isn't propably even a word.. :) I was talking about scratching or engraving the buttons.. I don't know which word suits better..

ismantec30.12.2004 13:02
Olen suunnitellu merkkaavani näppäimet joko kaivertamalla pohjaan tai voisi kokeilla jotain tussityötäki tuohon päälle mutta jää ainaki toistaseksi ajanpuutteen takia tekemättä.

I have planned to scarve the buttons in bottom of the board or I could also try to draw the lines with some marker, but because of lack of time and space the board will remain unchanged for now.

ismantec30.12.2004 12:26
The "keys" are quite numb, it feels almost like you were just hitting your fingers on a flat blastic board.. surprisingly :p

Boris30.12.2004 09:57
The best keyboard mod I have seen. Perhaps drawing on some guidelines with a black marker could make it easier to use, or even making some "texture-lines" with some material. I will try to replicate your work. Post more pictures please!

agentddr99930.12.2004 08:19
Damn, I did the same thing but I didn't get it up yet.

Quentis30.12.2004 06:59
Very nice, how does it feel to press a keyboard that doesnt pop back up?

Olli30.12.2004 03:54
Mul oli kans tommonen sillon ku rakentelin ite kannettavaa loppu tulos oli hajonnut emolvy kun kerran oli johdot vähän huolimattomasti :D

Wiffe30.12.2004 00:17
Mulla oli/on kans saman moinen rojektin alla... joku perhana vaan saanu aikasemmin valmiiks... on se hieno!! :)

StripleX29.12.2004 22:42
oisko valot mitään?? =)

CUBE29.12.2004 22:32
Greatest keyboard mod EVER!!! 5/5

*anonymous*29.12.2004 21:58
nakaa tohon päälle vielä kalvo, jossa näkyy kaikki näppäimet? :)