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Added: 13.01.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: KEPKE
Country: Latvia

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The floppy drive is one of the most boring part in computer, but we can change it easy! It's realy easy, this job can make everyone, because everthing what we need is just put there two light "diods" (i don't know it's a right word in english). Just put them and rezisotrs to floppy drive connector.

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Rating: 2.82 - Votes: 17

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BoogeyMan22.05.2005 22:18
cool, i might do that with my CD drive, i don't have a floppy in my new computer as they are becoming obsolete. 4/5

K-man05.03.2005 00:01
Where did you connected the LEDs?

splinter_cell17.01.2005 18:53
i tried ding this and fried my fdd, several months ago

KEPKE14.01.2005 20:25
I can't make good captue with Canon PowerShot A400 in dark. But in real whole diskhole looks realy good, it's all red inside, not little bit like in picture.

Bugi13.01.2005 19:22

king13.01.2005 18:08
nice job, looks Awesome keep up the good work

Opelrun13.01.2005 17:21
Light "diods" = Led
I think at that can be better, if you turn leds crosswise (at them point one another), then leds make whole diskhole glow...