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Added: 15.01.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: Nightmare
Country: United Kingdom

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Well, i got a radeon 9600 pro (256mb:P) for christmas, which by the way, only had a cheap heatsink on it!

I was there playing a game and BAM! the comp froze and the display went blank, i was like "wtf?" then it happend a few times and i blamed it on overheating so i decided to put on a heatsink and fan on it.

Sorry about the quality of the pics.

Comment please!

Admin's comments/notes:
Perhaps the fan alone would have done the trick ;)

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Rating: 2.9 - Votes: 20

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kilpikon303.10.2005 20:36
yeah well.

That is kinda stupid to put a heatsink on a heatsink..

Shanz27.01.2005 06:44
eh, how the hey does that fit into ur system... musta had a lotta space, admins rite about only using the fan =P

Mystic827717.01.2005 02:19
Its a MOD Bugi, Not supposed to be normal!

Nightmare16.01.2005 19:43
That was a bit blut wasnt it bugi? =(

Anyway, i removed the heatsink earlier so now all i have is the fan! :)

Bugi16.01.2005 11:11
Are you stupid or what?
All you need is 1 60 or 70mm fan and put it on existing heatsink and you will get much better cooling!

Nightmare15.01.2005 15:47
Seems to be uber cool now, not even warm to the touch where as before it was always warm so it works! :D

N515.01.2005 12:19
you seriously would have better cooling with just the fan and the sink you applied. does look wild though :D

lol15.01.2005 12:15
i bet the fan alone would cool it better than that silly thing.

keepin it real15.01.2005 10:19
isnt that heavy on the card?

i agree with the admin on this one