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Added: 22.01.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: rangleri
Country: Finland
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This is my Radeon 9200se. I bought it from a local computer store and they said me it was 9200. So, it wasnt. At first I ran 3Dmark 2001 and I got scared: Only 2600 3dmarks!!! :(
I had to do something. At first I downloaded Omega drivers and noticed that the card was clocked so low: GPU 200MHz and Memory(DDR) 166/333.
I tested it with higher speed. Anyway, The card had Passive cooling and the tiny heatsink got very HOT!!!
I gone to Biltema and bought Pentium3 FC-PGA CPU heatsink+cooler. Even It had to be modded to fit to the card: The heatsinks bottom wasn`t straight and I had to cut it. then I polished it.
I putted some thermal paste to it and putted it to the card with some Epox glue.
I made This fan system because it saves more space.
Now the clock is 298MHz and memory 200/400MHz. Fan runs with 5V/12V (user defined)

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Maxximum18.02.2005 20:00
not bad
good idea

rangleri29.01.2005 20:50
now I get 5300 3dmarks in 2001se(still quite weak, but doubled)

Maurik24.01.2005 22:51
if it wasnt the card they said it was get the one they said it was, under the trade discriptions act they hav to sell u the one they told u it was, and most companies will not charge u extra

Epeli23.01.2005 13:25
Bugi btw GF isnt radeon 9200SE :E:E

Bugi23.01.2005 12:10
come on... that's nothing. My GF 4 is right now @ 374mhz GPU (unstead 274) and memory is 500MHz unstead 268.
Aniway looks powerfull. 4/5