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Added: 23.01.2005
Owner: -=Cheek=-
Country: Finland

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Pieni reikä näppäimistöön, Että ledi mahtuu ulos,superpalloon reikä, Ja ledi sisään, Ja hieno tulee. Kamera on huono, Kuvat hämää, Se ei oo noin tommoinen kirkaan valkoinen, Vaan koko superpallo loistaa hienosti.

Admin's comments/notes:
Led inserted to "Super ball" to light up the keyboard and surroundings.

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Rating: 3.24 - Votes: 25

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5. Comments that comment about other comments will get com... deleted!

People like different things so lets keep the comments professional and if possbile encouraging. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't tell what you really feel about the mod but usually that means more than one word.
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pixeliris04.05.2006 16:48
with this you can type in the dark

nightmare06.10.2005 23:40
nice enter key.

*anonymous*10.09.2005 22:02

-=cheek=-24.01.2005 20:49
Juu, On omaperäistä

Hoofbite24.01.2005 17:37
Lyhyesti sanottuna erittäin hieno 5/5

nibeduudsoni24.01.2005 17:18
Tosi hieno. Toi on kyllä aika omaperästä laittaa joku superpallo tohon näppäimistöön.

jerb24.01.2005 01:11
super ball as in bouncy ball? well its unique