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Added: 25.01.2005
Owner: ZapWizard
Country: USA

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This is the Backlit keyboard from my Ammo PC

The keyboard is a Ortek Mac USB keyboard that I found at my Goodwill computer store for $10.

The keyboard had a translucent green top layer, and translucent white back layer. (Apple iMac colors)

I instantly knew this keyboard would work great for with a backlight.
I managed to fit two 12" cold cathodes inside the keyboard.
I painted the inside of the keyboard, so only the key's were lit, rather then the whole keyboard.

Lots more details here:

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 164

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Erededos03.06.2010 02:45
Jajajaja.... el microsoft keyboard radiactivo!!!!

Wardyy20.02.2008 00:23
Flipping amazingg!

pekka02.10.2007 12:36

Killer12.05.2006 17:52
Dude that's freakin awesome! Could you send me a tut on how to do it!?

seruius02.11.2005 04:56
i saw this mod in... what. cpu mag? maximum pc? yeah that wuz it cpu!!!!! holy poo and i'm actually commenting on this mod...

you are my hero =D

kgjh19.07.2005 15:08
thaht is best mod what i have ever seen!!!!!!

*anonymous*23.06.2005 03:21
Looks great in the daytime, but a bit overbearing at night. Nice job.

Wilho08.02.2005 16:08
Thats a very good mod. Very useful if u are in a dark room and you cant see the keyboard.

ZapWizard01.02.2005 01:23
"How do you power up them ccfls?"

They are powered by a seperate +12volts jack.
The normal USB cable was replaced with a 6-wire cable, that allowed for both +12volts and USB.
Check the more-detail link in the description for, well more detail.

Nightmare30.01.2005 18:07
Glows like a nuclear power station!

Fckin kicks ass though, nice one.

*anonymous*27.01.2005 07:18
how do you power up them ccfls?

D@v!d25.01.2005 23:17
okay... That is Fu....G Cool

-=Cheek=-25.01.2005 20:21
WHOOAAA!!! so CHOOOOOOL!!!?!?!?!?!?!1