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Added: 25.01.2005
Owner: ZapWizard
Country: USA

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This is the keyboard for my ATI Demo PC

The keyboard was painted to match the MX510 red mouse. It is modified with Red LEDs also.
The paint effect was achived by spraying mix's of glossy vinyl dye, and red Krylon fusion at the same time. The entire keyboard was then clear-coated to make it glossy and protected.

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 99

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somebody28.03.2006 17:30
Really cool and fine 5/5

ZapWizard09.05.2005 20:11
He is asking if I ripped the parts off the headset.
No, I had to tape off the areas I didn't want painted.
That headset doesn't like to come apart.

*anonymous*12.04.2005 10:40
Are you trying to say that he is ripping off some one elses mod.

*anonymous*04.03.2005 14:00
Hey, i got the same headset! How did you paint it? rip everything off?

ZapWizard10.02.2005 00:39
What paints did you use???
-Both glossy black vinyl dye and red Krylon Fusion
-First a layer of vinyl dye, then a dusting of red.
-Then both cans at the same time were sprayed (one in each hand) with varying dustings of paint, it took many light passes to get an even matching look.
-The entire surface was then clear-coated with spray on acrylic.
And how the hell are you so good??!
-Lots of time, lots of prototyping and screw-ups, technical and artisitic experience.

DarthBender08.02.2005 17:42
WAH! Now I want to paint my own keyboard to match my blue mx510!

Spiddel: It's a Logitech Internet Navigator SE

yup06.02.2005 22:02
elämä.. eihän noi ole kuin yksiä helv kuvia, voi olla vaikka miten penkin alle maalattu oikeasti, kaikkihan näyttää kuvissa erilaiselta, kuin mitä on 0_o missäköhän herra mahtaa asua, kun ei edes tiedä, mistä maaleja ostaa?

Spiddel06.02.2005 21:11
Ja joku suomalainen vois kertoa, miten ****** saa noi hienoa jälkeä, millasia maaleja pitäs käyttää, ja sitten viel mistä tollasia maaleja saa``?? Nyt tuli semmonen into maalata näppis, että ;D

yup06.02.2005 20:43
spiddel... 0MFG

Spiddel06.02.2005 20:22
and hey... what is the model name of that keyboard? looks pretty nice tho

Spiddel06.02.2005 20:21
That must be the most CUTEST ´mod ive ever seen1!!! GOD DAMN U GOT SKILLS!, I got the same mouse and the headset...
What paints did you use???
And how the hell are you so good??!
AND... Those USB replacement plugs... I LOVE THOSE!! GOD DAMN UR GOOD!

ShadowBlade27.01.2005 21:32
I Luv the match between the keyboard mouse and the headset & the red leds! 5/5 Definetly :D

NicoRichard25.01.2005 21:30
Godly, go work for a company.

Trewis25.01.2005 21:13
I just love it!!!! 5/5

LOOL25.01.2005 20:23