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Added: 26.01.2005
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: coolkingZ
Country: Sweden

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i painted a old basic microsoft mouse and put in a diod (or what itīs called in english). The painting isīnt so good because iīve didīnt have any pencils at home so i had to paint it with cottomsticks

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Rating: 1.68 - Votes: 19

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Caffeineboy28.07.2007 01:57
what are "cottomsticks?"

CoolkingZ28.02.2005 12:40
Now ive changed the LED, so its only shining when you move the mouse or clicking the buttons, much better.

CoolkingZ13.02.2005 21:05
This is also my mod, , i did forget to put in the name

steve927.01.2005 20:33
hmmm, pretty poor job. theres no idea behind the design. it just seems like you got bored 1/5

...:::PB:::...27.01.2005 13:32
could not have done a better job my self!! :P 5/5

CoolkingZ27.01.2005 08:20
The right buttom is dark red, sorry for the bad picture

smathew26.01.2005 20:55
hmm interesting. im just trying to make out the picture. so, the buttons are greay and black and theres an LED randomly placed on the top..