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Added: 02.02.2005
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: Spaminator
Country: USA

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Well here's a mouse I found @ work the other day. I think its a weird design that never went into production because I've never seen one anywhere else, Internet or otherwise. It's for a laptop and origonaly had a red LED for the scrolling wheel. Yes it was actually lighted when I found it. And your standard red optical lED. I changed them out for blue 5mm 9000MCD louminous intensity LEDs. These are some pretty bright LEDs. the pictures hardly do them justice. Considering the standard LED in you avarage optical mouse is around 5500 MCD. I would've shown the innards of it but was to occupied building it to remember to take pics.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.07 - Votes: 15

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nismo29926.02.2006 21:33
i used to have a mouse like that until I destroyed it to take the leds :)
nice changing to blue leds

Spaminator09.02.2005 15:16
Yeah I agree your mouse is better, but mine was free! :) nice mod

gyromods05.02.2005 10:00
I did something similar a few weeks ago, but I just used a regular LED, not super bright or anything. I really like how it looks, but unforunately you just cant see that from the photos.

My pictures are at

Yours looks cooler because you have the light up scroll wheel, but you cant say I don't have the better mouse :)

Kyre04.02.2005 14:43
do you have any more of them, I realy want one but i cant aforde it :(

drop me a mail kyre at bake dot no

Spaminator03.02.2005 17:27
I did'nt know you could find it there. I was just generalizing because I found a few more that look just like it but when I did a google search on the part no. I could'nt find anything. And no, I'm not stealing from work. I work at an asset retirement company and it was going to be destroyed anyway. I followed the correct procedure to remove it from the company.

Kyre02.02.2005 18:58
That is ibms standard laptop mouse, you can order it from

CUBE02.02.2005 18:51
Did you steal office supplies? If you did you should be fired! I'm just kidding. Nice mod. I think i have seen that befor, it looks familier.