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Added: 03.02.2005
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Owner: Scobl
Country: Finland

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Diskless MP3 player with a remote

Here is my newest diskless device for listening to mp3s and web radios. The device was built from old AT parts that are nowdays found in the garbage (people should recycle more).

The system is: CPU Pentium 133Mhz, 64 MB SIMM RAM, ASUS AT mobo P55T2P4, old ISA sound card: ALS 120, 10/100 3Com 3C905-TX-M network card with PXE support.

The system is completely diskless, it loads its small Linux OS from my home server via TFTP. All the devices are almost nicely packed inside old VCR case, I had to remove the case from the power supply for it to fit inside the case.

Air flow is generated by an adjustable fan on the rear side of the player.

The device is controlled by a remote control which is read by LIRC inside the box. A song or webradio currently played is nicely displayed on 2x16 LCD display. Linux is a modified Debian distro (20MB in size), 2.6.9 kernel, lirc and modlcd. Mpg123 is used for playing and it takes about 40% of cpu to play 192kbit/s mp3 file or a radio.

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Psycho Penguin17.05.2006 06:35
You should add a cd drive where the VHS tape should go and make it so that it can also play/rip cds because right now it's just an ir reciever attached to the newtwork.

Scobl04.03.2005 22:45
I made own small, 20MB linux distro based on Debian. Console tools are mainly from busybox, but other tools are simple binaries taken from Debian machine.

Raid004.03.2005 17:43
What linux did you use?

aslan05.02.2005 12:55
pretty nice.. :P

brandonamp04.02.2005 17:20
interesting idea, although it dosent look so good, still a neat idea.

Scobl04.02.2005 12:49
MP3s are played from the server via network using SAMBA (windows share protocol). The box can be programmed to play playlists when pressing a number on a remote.

The backside is a little ugly, yep, but heh, noone is looking there right? :)) BabyAT mobo would solve the problem, but i have none.

Nado04.02.2005 10:00
lol... sorry, but the back looks horrible...

gdfhs03.02.2005 23:44
how do you get the mp3s on it?