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Added: 05.02.2005
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: gyromods
Country: USA

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This is almost identical to the IBM mouse mod submitted 2 days ago.

I did my mouse a few weeks ago, but his post reminded me of mine, so I decided to share it.

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changed led?...

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Rating: 3.19 - Votes: 26

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ZERO09.06.2005 20:28
you made the mouse pad out of plexi glass would'nt that now work because of the fact that there are lass refrence points for the optical sencor to dect movement. or did you sand the glass to increase the refrnce preformance. I thought that only lazer mice work on glass. also Xjanal why not do the following use a sodering gun to heat up where the existing led is and carfully remove it from the mouse without breaking it's feet. insert the new led, if the new one does not work then repeat the first step and put the red oone back in. doing it this way would allow you to put the mouse back to gether exactly the way it was in the event that the Uv led did not work. optical mice need leds for light so brighter=better

EmTea09.06.2005 17:48
I noticed when I changed my mouse LED the tracking decreased SEVERLY. I'm not shure why. I mad a LED mouse pad out of plexiglass and everything worked fine. Nice job.

xjanal01.05.2005 05:54
Everyone changes it 2 a blue LED, can u do it w/ a UV led? need 2 know b4 I strip apart my Razor Diamondback

CoolkingZ09.03.2005 19:28
Is it possible to see the change when it is on the mat?

Cavedweller09.03.2005 18:49
How many mcd's are the led on?

Spaminator09.02.2005 15:07
Nice bro, I've got another nice mouse coming in a few weeks. It will be pretty intense...well as intense as mice get I suppose. 4.5/5

gyromods06.02.2005 06:53
yeah, actually it works just as good as before.

I was wondering the same thing, and also if it would not be bright enough to work, but it was just fine.

I like the mod, but theres nothing to see unless you hold the mouse in mid-air, so I agree with most of the ratings here, it could be better

WOB!06.02.2005 05:50
Does it work as good as before im thinking of doing the same thing to my mouse do the batteries end faster.
nice altrought 4/5 (sorry 4 my bad english)

*anonymous*06.02.2005 02:58
we have the same mouse pad :D
looks nice