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Added: 07.02.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: Opelrun
Country: Finland

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Pölyjen puhdistuksen yhteydessä laitoin powerin sisälle 10 punaista lediä. Ledinarun ostin Motonetistä: Luxus - Kattausvalot, kahdella AA-paristolla toimiva ja maksoi vaivaiset 75 senttiä. Paristokotelon otin pois ja powerin sisältä 5v:n linjasta, väliin laitoin 100R vastuksen.

Admin's comments/notes:
Led string that used to work with two AA batteries were installed to PSU.

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Rating: 3.38 - Votes: 42

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Gazoogleheimer10.10.2006 23:39
I think he did...or did he?

boh12.02.2005 00:29
Led string that _used to work with two AA_ _used to_

Olli12.02.2005 00:04
No he didnt :S

Bugi11.02.2005 23:59
How people can be stupid??!
He put bateries ito the psu where you already have 3.3V!!!

Nikolas08.02.2005 16:28
Well of course its not working with batteries, it takes its power from inside the PSU.

Olli08.02.2005 06:55
No it doesn't :-S

Me08.02.2005 02:35
It uses batteries? Why don't you wire it directly to the PSU?