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Added: 25.02.2005
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: crobey01
Country: United Kingdom

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Ever get a hot hand while gaming, or in those long summer nights? Well this is for you! Basically its three sheets of acrylic sandwiched together, the bottom one is a plain piece, the middle has a U shape cut out and the top has two holes for the fans. The fans blow air into the U shape tunnel and comes out at drilled holes which are on the top layer. This is excellent for hot hands.

Admin's comments/notes:
I believe most Metku readers will know what Breezepad is. ;)

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Rating: 2.89 - Votes: 9

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CoolkingZ13.03.2005 21:24
Why no LED:s?

Tweeter!!06.03.2005 03:42
Sweet!! That's such an awesome idea!

spanx27.02.2005 22:56
I have same looking but i dont have so high fans and i have tre very bright Blue led inside the pad :) i think you can say that doesnt blow so mutch air to hands? :)

crobey0126.02.2005 01:20
yeah thats how i did it

*anonymous*25.02.2005 22:34
actually if you look around this site you will find that its owner has actually created a guide on how - to do this, he has entitled it "breezepad" :P

crobey0125.02.2005 15:24
the text is copied form my website, just thought id include it.

moe25.02.2005 14:57
I dont think the story is needed very much with this.
But nice anyway, 4/5