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Added: 27.02.2005
Other hardware/devices
Owner: -k-
Country: USA

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This is what happens when I get bored on a friday afternoon...
I found a ocasional speaker lying around and I decided to find a housing for it.
I put it inside a extra large icebreaker (mints) can and added an old speaker plug to it.
Nothing special but it makes a nice speaker to carry around and use with an mp3 player:) plus it takes little time and is cheap.

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Rating: 3.3 - Votes: 20

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NoScript07.03.2006 04:03
U have to be careful eith this. If u will plug it directly to cd/cassete player or else where output resistance bigger than your speaker's then you player can burn away. u should use an AMP.

Pldn31.03.2005 13:16
Nice. Skeletozzy, haha, "very cleaver" :D
Cleaver is a butcher's "knife" or something. :)

Skeletozzy31.03.2005 02:21
It's random, pointless and cool. Nobody'll suspect a thing: music coming out of an icebreakers can. Very cleaver.4/5
Keep up the good work soldier.

Bob08.03.2005 05:11
Nice even though there aint much sound.

crobey0128.02.2005 18:39
very cool and good for travel 4/5

-k-27.02.2005 16:48
yes i do get some sound out of it, as i said it´s a portable speaker so it´s not very powerful but it works:)
maybe I ll try to build a small amp inside the tin cause i have extra room. btw the speaker is 0.5w :(

sciatic27.02.2005 16:28
and you actually get some sound out of it? you'd think that you would need an amplifier :