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Added: 01.03.2005
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Poopsicle Boy
Country: USA

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This is my desk area. Neato eh?

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Rating: 1.79 - Votes: 24

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  This is office & desk section. NO MODS NEEDED!
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aaaatu27.09.2006 19:28
I like that desk. Everything else... not. :/

*anonymous*27.05.2005 03:24
nice playboy poster man!

Poopsicle Boy03.04.2005 08:09
Spideel, my walls are painted a dark "blueberry" blue. my camera sucks... anywho thanks for everyones feedback. ill be posting my renovated desk space soon and my brand new pc (this will really BE MODDED)

Spideel31.03.2005 19:53
Like ur desk, but i dont think that sky blue fits in with black... If u can, change it to red, or deep blue.
Of course thats my opinion.

wuhuu15.03.2005 20:03
those playboy bunnies are great

BoogeyMan14.03.2005 05:26
nice desk, nice fan, i have one just like it, it looks very ghetto on your desk 3/5

HoLoDreaM12.03.2005 03:26
get some wire management behind that desk! haha

Poopsicle Boy06.03.2005 16:38
im saving up for a new rig. i honestly dont care if my chair looks ugly. if you wana buy me a new one im fine with that but im not going out and spending 50 bucks on a chair that just looks "cooler" and WHO LIKES ME GHETTO FAN???

Guerrillaz02.03.2005 01:35
~nice setup~

oh to S btw Gayest Critique ever you go girl!

Poopsicle Boy02.03.2005 00:59
i set it all up and put together the table... GEEZE no appretiation for hard work these days!

Nado01.03.2005 18:19
some ppl just don't get it... this is the desktop section and here are NO MODS NEEDED

s01.03.2005 14:29
okay, this is metkumod's modding gallery.
secondly, that chair, eww.. it's ugly, even though it's the same colour as the walls. dump the chair, buy a black one.
and, the speakers, wtf? it seems that somebody still uses that kinda c**p. that keybord is ugly too.
a little tip, before you take a picture like this, clean the mess from the table and hide the cables.
the picture quality sucks too, oh, and that table itself is pretty .. ugly.. :D
it doesn't match anything in that corner, buy a wooden table, call me when your going to buy one, ill give you some advises.

CoolkingZ01.03.2005 12:42
on the picture...

R01.03.2005 08:26
WTF? Where´s the mod?