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Added: 11.03.2005
Single case mods
Owner: Gigamike
Country: Germany

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When I was crouching under my desk last time in order to optimize the assignment of my 8x extension lead I found out that my TFT monitor runs @ 12VDC.

The first idea I got as I noticed this was to get rid of the 12V adapter used by the moitor and unassigning another 230V socket.

At first I drilled a 9mm-hole into the back of my computer (pic#2) where a female cinch-connector was attached to the case after that (pic#3). It has been connected then with +12V/Ground from my 350 Watts PSU (with the device from pic#1)

On the other side the monitor supply cable got a male cinch-connector (the red one on Pic#4)

It runs fine, though booting it the first time I became a little anxious about my 2 hard drives :D

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Rating: 3.26 - Votes: 34

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ironsmiter22.02.2006 23:10
Great concept.

Holy Cable Management Problems Batman!

How many mods you have inside that case anyhow?
Er, I mean, good job! :-)

Gigamike05.08.2005 15:12
My LCD reminds the state when power turns off, i.e. when he was switched on while turning off the power supply, he switches on the next time when 12V is on again.

You can also do this, it's a very easy and simple mod but be careful with the 5V+/12V+ lines - the computer case might be grounded - do not short circuit :D

alfworks26.07.2005 16:16
I think that 300W PSU must be enought... HDD's are not so big power comsumers (max 10W!!)... the bigger ones are the DVD/RW or CD/RW ,but just when they are "burning" :) The bigest consumer is the CPU :)
Most of LCD's does not turns on when the power goes on - I dont know if yours do so.
I have an HP... and it has an 5V and 12V line, which can be also done :) I was thinking about this mod before, well now I think I'm going to build this :)

Gigamike14.03.2005 18:12
sry, I took a look at my PSU and noticed that it brings only 300W, but quite enough for the stuff I do.
There are 2 harddrives and 2 cd-roms, and with the monitor my 12V bar is at 12,3V.
"any lights?" well, I'm working on a cold-cathode built out from a scanner right now for non-permanent illumination (it will turn on only when I open the case)

m14.03.2005 00:33
sound's pretty psu-loading but since it works i think that's ok. Make sure your psu is will not surprise you. It's possible to ruin your monitor if your psu burns

*anonymous*13.03.2005 16:17
350 wats psu! 2 hd atleast one cd rom drivee any lights ?
and a tft runing from there? check your 12 volt line and make sure you are not overloading it!

Gigamike13.03.2005 14:27
at first I was a little afraid because of my harddrives doing well (the back of my monitor says "12V 2,5A" what makes 30W) but it works fine. Remember, the hard drives only need a lot of current when they are running up while booting the PC.
The big deal with this mod is that my monitor switches off when my pc is shutting down :D

Aud1073cH13.03.2005 10:28
Wondering what capacity PSU you have. The TFT monitor must draw quite a bit of current. Is a 250W supply sufficient to run the computer and monitor?

Poopsicle Boy12.03.2005 23:11
kinda confused on what u did... but you sure did drill a NICE hole.

*anonymous*12.03.2005 21:00
Very nice idea :D