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Added: 20.03.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: Hybrid-Mods
Country: USA

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After seeing many people make keychains out of old processors, i had the idea to do the same, on my Radeon 9600 pro VPU, it died and i couldn't RMA it, so i made a collectible keychain of a vpu that overclocked like hell.

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Rating: 2.26 - Votes: 27

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dcmodder24.03.2005 16:22
i have a small nvidia ge-force 2 keychain that i made out of an old *non working* nvidia card... the diffrence is that i used hand tools to make the hole and in the middle of my right hand there was a circle for a week from the top of the small screwdriver. looks good but ur only getting a 2/5 because you made a hole with a power tool.

::PB::23.03.2005 23:17
nice... hole....

yup22.03.2005 19:51
Nah, keys r too good looking 4 ATI, Mr. Nvidia ;)

Mr. Nvidia22.03.2005 10:55
Only thing those ati's are good for; keychains :)

Yoghurt21.03.2005 15:31
this is ey-oh. wich means, I'll keep my Bart Simpson keyring

Dave21.03.2005 00:56
I agree, you just drilled a hole...

Bugi20.03.2005 23:18
Well I think that you have the most expensive keychain on!

modman20.03.2005 23:17
How cn u call that a mod, u just drilled a hole!