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Added: 24.03.2005
Single case mods
Owner: easyryder0934
Country: USA

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here is a stash box for a computer. the size to put stuff in is about 1.5" box is pretty deep. used an extra cover that my friend had. also did the top fan with an old HP fan duct

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Rating: 3.11 - Votes: 18

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ironsmiter22.02.2006 23:05
Great idea for the fanducting... how much does that smaller fan help? Makes me think a 120 blower like that might let me eliminate my back case fan, and reverse my psu fans...

*anonymous*29.11.2005 23:25
yo that mod is awsome i am trying to mod my computer if u have any advice let me now by posting it if u can that would be awsom thanks

jerm02.08.2005 02:18
you should have kept some of the circuitry to the drive would actually open when you press the button.

DementuZ07.05.2005 01:18
nice case, where did you get the rhoebus? what kind of case is it?