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Added: 26.03.2005
Other hardware/devices
Owner: -k-
Country: Estonia

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So here´s my LPT VU meter.
I useed 8 LEDs (4 green, 2 yellow, 2 red), 8 470ohm resistors, a LPT male connector, some ribbon cable, and there u have it. In the beginning I thought of using a standard project box for the housing, then I thought about using a CD case, and then a audio cassete case. I decided to use the cassete case cuz it was the smallest. I also painted the case navy blue.

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-k-16.04.2005 01:50
btw, my friend is gonna paint the case soon ( a scull or something ), its gonna look a lot better:)

-k-16.04.2005 01:48
it is controlled by a PC 8 it connects to the printer port)
you can find the schematic and drivers at
It s no complicated at all: 8 LEDs with resistors, the + legs connected to pins 2-9 on the printer port and they share a common ground (pin 25). then u need winamp and the discolitez plugin.

??13.04.2005 21:11
What does it do?? Can you explain.

Luury13.04.2005 21:09

aantoo91112.04.2005 23:35
sry forgot my email misasi at

aantoo91112.04.2005 23:34
hey can u email a schemtic on how to make that. and the software would be much appreciated

Dr_x09.04.2005 06:28
what are u using to control it!? i built one of theese my self but it no work!

Raid008.04.2005 22:25
I like the housing part. Very good idea to put it into a cassete box. Estonian powwa!

Skeletozzy31.03.2005 02:17
It's good. But it would be much cooler if u'd paint it. Ozzy could paint it for ya, for a small fee of course... Instead of popping out the leds, u could stick them thru aluminium foil, no risk of broken case, and the aluminium foil strenghtens the light.

Unliving28.03.2005 14:42
Nice, I should had mixed my lpt vu meter with more colors like you did. You should pop those leds out of the case so the light is much greater. and round that ribbon cable and insert it in a thick blue wire insulation ! Peace out!! 5/5