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Added: 27.03.2005
Single case mods
Owner: Tweaq
Country: USA

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Here is my almost finished side panel case mod. It is a window with a Futurama transparency on the inside, so you can see inside the case. BUT there is a switch in the lower left that will raise another piece of plexiglass that covers behind the transparency and you can see it better. I'm going to be adding leds sometime, just gotta wait until I get some white ones. There is a video here:

I also added epoxyed a fan to my GPU heatsink, and heatshrinked my psu cables, and changed my power green led to blue. I'm going to add two blowholes on top, and a fan on the back to suck in air.

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Rating: 3.24 - Votes: 21

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Jipa17.04.2005 21:20
Futurama rocks! I watched 5th season yesterday :D

Tweaq30.03.2005 20:20
BEST MOD I'VE EVER SEEN. lol i'm hoping to get some leds today, and make the futurama logo glow.

moe28.03.2005 14:42
That's cool! :P
I'll do something similar sometime cos that's so nice :D