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Added: 29.03.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: toymachineman19
Country: USA

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Well, my ATI Radeon 9600 had very crappy passive cooling, and the heatsink was very small, so I decided to change that. I took my spare retail AMD cooler that came with my AMD A64 3200+ (I have a thermalright XP-90 on it), and I hack away some of the heatsink for the capacitors, and holes for the screws. Not very good looking, but I can get my 9600 to almost XT speeds, before only to Pro speeds. I am getting RAM sinks soon as well. Sorry for the crappy picture quality, I had to save the pictures in photoshop as a bad quality to cut down on the size, plus I was using my crappy digital camera.

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Rating: 2.88 - Votes: 17

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*anonymous*28.09.2006 00:25
can you run it passive?

Mr X14.07.2005 12:38
no a 9600 XT doesn't this kind of cooling but i did something similar to my vgs but with a intel cooler and i have almost 200 mhz extra :)

legz21.04.2005 00:07
nice way to waste 3 pci slots lol. a 9600 really doesnt need that kind of cooling

Adobe07.04.2005 00:58
nice and ghetto going the cheap way to do things

Cavedweller31.03.2005 00:55

toymachineman1930.03.2005 01:35
Nope, I am using my BIOS to make the max voltage 9V, and it works great, but much quieter than @ 12V. Yes ghetto, but it works awesome with some artic silver.

FRZ29.03.2005 21:14
ghetto, wel yeah it is, but this is what its all about people, improving performance

great job, and cool to see it actually gets you almost 100 mhz extra, but i hope you dont have that fan running full rpm at 12v

*anonymous*29.03.2005 11:37
Ghetto! But if it works well then thats good! 4/5