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Added: 30.03.2005
Single case mods
Owner: Jaroslav (GYM)
Country: Ukraine

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Admin's comments/notes:
And where is the story about this mod? Anyway, you should clearly see what he had done so... :)

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Rating: 3.32 - Votes: 188

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ingmar28.02.2006 21:07
hey how wide is the part of the panel where the bubbles are?

CardentheCorrupt28.06.2005 04:47
4/5 on the mod.

ZERO09.06.2005 23:43
nice but is it a wast . . . you can buy a devise from the stor that makes the bubles and evenly one of thos can eazly be moded into a side window and probibly caust less. I think that you should have had the top section covered by the side pannal that way you would only see the water and bubles, not all the air stuck at the top.

m10.04.2005 10:17
Adobe has a good idea. And i try to make myself as cleare as possible cause i thing my english is getting worse as days goes and last one might've not been understood.

-> Get rid of this air space inside the container. Let just bubbles be visible, and use Adobes pipie idea!

Adobe07.04.2005 00:49
looks really nice... i was thinking about doing that to my computer... just one thing all of the bubbles are in one area you should build a pipe that will allow for even bubble along the bottom

Mikko01.04.2005 02:13
I made this one @ 2002


Jaroslav (GYM)31.03.2005 16:37
All greetings! Thanks for responses and that have paid attention. At once I want will apologize for the English.
This product was issued due to this site which has inspired me on it. But I think to continue further.
And I want to notice, that machines exposed in ãàëåðåèè really the CLASS, SUPER!
P.S. Answering a question slickness concerning terrible noise, I shall tell, what yes, the compressor has an effect, but pleasure in alive to not describe:))))

slickness31.03.2005 08:26
Meh its cool no doubt, but i bet the noise is a killer XO.

Man, but good job on it. Sealing it isnt easy, so I give props for that. 4/5

m30.03.2005 15:13
another one with "water window" :D nice! I like it really. Just clear water, but bubbles there i can see :D. You can think about uv dye and light which probalby will give great visual effect:D. Another thing i would try to do, is to higher the level of water so all you see is watter (no forth visible) Or mayby add sth to make de froth more dense
(people getting closer to my idea, i guess i have to start my mod soon :D )