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Added: 31.03.2005
Other computer HW
Owner: Kizmo
Country: Finland

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Elikkä modaamisen kohteena oli Athlon 64 3200+ Clawhammer corella ja 1024k L2 cachella. Leikkasin HeatSpeaderin irti partaterää ja kirurginveitsen terää hyödyntäen, puhdistin prossun ja liimasin kaksi tarkalleen oikean paksuista metalliliuskaa prosessorin kotelointiin jotta core on turvassa kilon painoiselta jäähyltä (Zalman CNPS7700-Cu). Koska HeatSpeader poistui, jouduin sorvaamaan Zalmanin kiinnitysnippeleitä muutaman millin matalemmiksi jotta siili istuu tiukasti prossun päällä.

Jos vain uskallusta riittää niin suosittelen kaikille, primevakaita kelloja tuli +100MHz ainakin (ja vielä pienemmällä Vcorella) ja lämmöt tippu 15 astetta. Takuusta on tämän jälkeen turha uneksia mutta eipä haittaa :)

Admin's comments/notes:
Removed heat spreader and added metal strips to protect the core against the weight and force of Zalman cooler.

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 63

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Mitsukai29.03.2007 19:48
Too much money in some people's pockets! 1/5

Jipa21.10.2005 11:03
Kizmohan modaa minunki prossusta HS:n pois jos kipasen sinne? :> käsittääkseni ihan identtinen laitos..

*anonymous*12.07.2005 10:35
Hey BloodClaw, you must have a helluva CPU to run at 32º vithout a HEATSINK!!!!!!

CardentheCorrupt29.06.2005 23:08
Is that an Aopen motherboard? Looks alot like my N250a-FR. Athlon 64 3400+ ;O

Zedai[Rasengan]07.04.2005 17:38
eipä mittään aika hienosti tehty ku kerta noin paljo läks lämpjöjä pois (^_^)_b pro homma :D jos rahaa ja itseluottamusta ois astetta enemmän ni tekisin varmasti ite samanmoisen tempun!!! 5/5

BloodClaw05.04.2005 16:00
lol? That was nearly the first thing I did with my Athlon 64 3000+ when I got it.

with heatsink:
without heatsink:
without heatsink and with Asetek Waterchill watercooling

*anonymous*04.04.2005 06:28
He just said he got 15 degrees celcius lower temperatures and 100MHz oc! Read before you post. For the modder: You've got some huge cojones!

_65536_kb_sec_02.04.2005 21:45
5/5/ for the risk
but the difference is not big
maybe 3-5* C
not much

*anonymous*02.04.2005 11:13
You Are Sick! Man, u know u opened a heart of a computer xD
And it actually works.. very courage guy... 5/5 for the risks!

Kizmo01.04.2005 22:52
U can find some more information from my website:

N501.04.2005 04:48
I've seen people break 64s in two doing that. I'll be keeping the high quality (far better than intel's) heatspreader on mine :)

Fido01.04.2005 02:35
Is that a socket 754 cpu? i might have to do the same.

slickness01.04.2005 02:24
Thats sick man! Great job, I didnt think it was possible to do that. I just bought a DTR chip (mobile A64 without heatsink) for my new watercooling setup. But great idea, its worth it.

FRZ01.04.2005 00:40
wow, impressive, seems like this is really worth the effort and maybe even the risk of killing a cpu

Kizmo31.03.2005 22:32
Results of this mod were actually much better than I first tought. I'm able to archieve more than 100MHz higher oc and temps dropped about 15 celsius. Idle 29, 100% load 41.

FRZ31.03.2005 21:37
wow, thats some guts you got there, opening up a a64 cpu

another functional mod, does it actually lower your temps?